The death of Cuchulainn


When the war between Connacht and Ulster was over Cuchulainn returned to his home in Dundalk. Maeve blamed Cuchulainn for the defeat and she plotted her revenge. During the war Cuchulainn had killed a man named Cailidín, who had six children. Maeve raise his children at her fort in Cruachan and when they were old enough she sent them to sorcery school. In sorcery school they became goblins and learned magical spells. After seven years they returned to Maeve with three magic spears that could be used to destroy Cuchulainn.

Maeve sent the goblins to find Cuchulainn and use their magic to fill his head with the sound of war. When Cuchulainn heard the sounds he was sure Ulster was being attacked. Cuchulainn rushed to the King’s fort at Eamhain Macha to gather his weapons and his chariot. Cathbad the druid feared some trickery and urged him not to go. Cuchulainn would not heed his advice and as he and Laeg his chariot driver sped away from Eamhain Macha, sad cries could be heard from people fearing he would not return.

When Queen Maeve’s forces saw his chariot racing through the gap of the north they were filled with fear. He drove through them time and time again and no one could stop him. Just then the Goblins of Cailidín arrived on the wind with the three magic spears. They gave the three spears to Cuchulainn’s greatest enemy Lugaid. Lugaid threw the first spear. Cuchulainn blocked it with his shield but it hit Laeg his faithful chariot driver and he fell down dead. Lugaid threw the second spear. Cuchulainn escaped again but this time the spear hit his horse the Grey of Macha. The horse stumbled to the ground. Cuchulainn leaped from the chariot in a fit of rage and drove the men back with his mighty sword. Lugaid saw his chance and threw the final spear. This time it hit Cuchulainn in his side.

The great warrior knew he was about to die. He dragged himself to a nearby pillar and with his cloak, tied himself upright facing his enemies. No one dared approach him for three days. Finally when they saw a raven land on his shoulder, his enemies knew he was dead.